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 IP Cameras

IP Cameras

IP Cameras are essentially mini-computers with integrated cameras, that can report motions such as a door opening, via email alert. They can also be remotely configured, allowing you to adjust for brightness, resolution, pan, tilt, zoom and more.

IP Cameras are also available in HD and Megapixel, allowing for an even higher level of picture quality which enables facial recognition and greater detail analysis. When choosing between HD and standard definition IP cameras, often the perfect answer is a mutt!

A mix of both HD/megapixel network cameras with non-megapixel cameras that are designed for legacy systems allows for a smooth transition to IP over successive yearly budgets. A large system can be fully in transition over a two-to-five-year period. With added features such as powerful optical zoom, light sensitivity or low cost, DGB Security creates video surveillance installations that are effective and cost-efficient.

Network Converters

Internet Protocol cameras send their information digitally to a media converter, using a network cable or through a wireless transmission. The quality of your converter is paramount to getting the benefit out of your high performance cameras. DGB Security offers high bandwidth converters, with isolated Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports, integrated SPF fiber ports, or wireless web-based service.

Network Cabling

You can think of network cabling as your security’s nervous system. High quality cabling, switches, repeaters, extenders and amplifiers ensure information flows fast and free from your cameras and sensors, to your media converters. DGB Security uses only the best products for network cabling because it’s not just cables, it’s the backbone of your security system network!