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5 Home Safety Tips

  1. Out of sight, out of mind! Don’t tempt fate by keeping your prized valuable right in your front window. Invest in some quality blinds that can block out prying eyes.
  2. Your car keys count! Ensure you keep your car keys carefully tucked away on your nightstand, when you head to bed. Many car thefts happen from people’s own garages, with the thieves using the keys they found hanging right at the door.
  3. Out of town? Don’t let it show! Ask a friend or neighbour to collect all your mail and flyers, and to turn on different lights while you are away. Better yet, invest in a few timers, and you’ll always be sure your home looks lived in.
  4. Assess your windows and doors. Are they secure? Do they lock tightly? An open window can be an opening to burglars. Equally a front door mail slot can be an invitation to trouble!
  5. A Creative Defence is a Good Defence! Plant thorny rosebushes under your windows, it looks good AND it is actually a great deterrent for thieves. Hide your cash and valuables in a child’s room, as burglars tend to look in master bedrooms, and skip children’s rooms. Or..you could always get a bulldog!

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