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Product Review: 4K Ultra HD/megapixel Cams

HD cams have made another leap into the future with 4K Ultra HD technology, providing 4 times the resolution of standard 3 megapixel 1080p resolution HD cams. These cameras offer 8 megapixel, 3264p resolution – which provides an excellent balance of low-light, and high resolution capabilities. But image quality is about more than megapixel count!

The problem is that more pixels in an image, means smaller pixels – which means less light absorption by your cameras sensors. It also means your cameras are processing much more information.  IF your camera sensors are large enough, your lenses are good enough, you have sufficient data storage and your network is capable, THEN4K Ultra HD cameras will give you a lot more detail than 3MP 1080p cameras can.

In CCTV and IP Camera applications, a 4K Ultra HD Camera would be aconsideration when you need to zoom in tightly on an area, or cover a wide area with one camera – but bear in mind, you need a 4k monitor to actually see the advancement in your camera technology.

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