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DGB’s Guide to Good Guarding On-Line

It’s a sad fact, but predators are everywhere, both in the real world and online.

Don’t Over-Post!

There are many out there who will monitor your facebook status and announcing you are going on vacation, although exciting, opens you up to a very vulnerable position. Now these undesirable folks know you will be away from your home, and likely for exactly how long.

A Picture Says 1000 Words…

Thieves can use publicly posted pictures to create an inventory of your goods, map out their entrance and exits to your home, and plan an effective robbery.  Don’t provide possible intruders with a floor plan and layout to your property!

Keep Private Info, Private!

Ensure that all your social media sharing is set to private, so that your email and address are not available to the general public.On-line identify theft can be just as costly and damaging as real-world theft, leaving your bank account empty and your credit cards full!

If It’s Too Good to Be True – It Is!

Your banking information should only be given online to the most trusted of sources. If you are offered free samples, or a chance to make hundreds or thousands on line, if your hand is hovering over the mouse, ready to click – Stop! Wait! Read the fine print! Most of the time, offers that seem too good to be true, actually are. These are scams that will look for your credit card or banking info in order for you to “register” for your free samples…

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